The Wild Mustang Collection is about the severe and terrible management of wild mustangs living on public land in the United States. Managed by the government and living on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands, every year the horses are rounded up in violent ways and sold to be slaughtered. The open plains of the Rocky Mountain West used to be filled with thousands of these wild horses. The BLM has rounded up over 50,000 wild horses. Currently, the government is considered spaying the mares in Wyoming. A spayed mare is an extremely rare surgery with a one month difficult recovery period. Mares are only ever spayed if they are risking cancer or other life-threatening circumstances; it is inhumane and unethical to propose a mass spaying of wild mustang mares in the field. They will be left to suffer and die.
The patterns are designed to celebrate the life of these horses, roaming free in the western plains and hills. Full of desert shrubs, sage brush, flowers, and mustangs, this collection contradicts this sad story with very bright, happy colors, a sign of hope for the future.
Available for licensing.
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