The Ten Sleep Collection is representative of a favorite climbing area and example of national policies (or the need there of) to protect and manage the wild places we climb. Learning how to climb while living and working in Wyoming, Ten Sleep always hold a special place in my heart. Managed by the Bighorn National Forest Service and full of dolomite cliffs, pine trees, and sport climbs, Ten Sleep faced a controversy in 2019 that has spurred on a much larger discussion. Due to this bolting war, no further route development is allowed in this beautiful canyon. Currently, there is no national-level policy that establishes climbing as a legitimate activity or guidance how to mange activities. Several organizations are making progress and trying to act now, including the Access Fund. Setting an example that could apply to so many other wild places, this collection was (ironically) drawn in my sketchbook as an idea while climbing in the summer of 2019 at the Ark.
The patterns include illustrations of both flora, fauna, climbing gear, and an abstraction of the horizontal pocket lines (HPLs) found in the rock. Marmots, hawks, and squirrels are the most famous animals to note. The canyon is sprinkled with pine trees, pine cones, pine needles, and thistle. Lastly, this collection is drawn to bring awareness to the wild places we climb. Several drawings of climbing gear and ropes are also represented in very bright colors, reminiscent of climbing back in the 1960's.
Available for licensing.
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